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Complete Guide for MCAT Test Writing

What Is MCAT?

MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) is a computer-based multiple choice and standardized examination that is developed and administered by the AAMC (American Association of Medical Colleges) in 1928. The purpose of conducting MCAT test is helping the medical schools to assess the critical thinking approach and problem solving skills of applicants on the basis of knowledge and skills in physical sciences, biological sciences, verbal reasoning etc. and finally choosing the right candidates as medical students in their institutes. It is important test for which you might need to write a waiver letter.

Today, MCAT test writing has become compulsory criteria for getting admissions to medical schools and colleges of United States, Canada and 15 other countries.

mcat test writing

What You Should Know about MCAT Test Writing?

No one has doubt in the bright future of medical doctors all over the globe and that’s why, clearing the MCAT test in excellent percentage is ultimate desire of every student who wants to become a doctor. Being having tough competition among huge number of applicants every year, MCAT test has become a challenging task for the applicants. For MCAT writing or GRE waiver letter in professional manner, you should know the following important points about MCAT test writing.

MCAT test sections:

  • Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems
  • Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills (CARS)
  • Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems
  • Psychological, Social and Biological Foundations of Behavior

professional mcat test writing

Structure of MCAT test sections:

  • “Chemical and physical foundations of biological systems” section comprises 59 questions with time limit 95 minutes.
  • There are 53 questions in “Critical analysis and reasoning skills” section with 90 minutes time limit to complete the section.
  • To complete the 59 questions of “Biological and biochemical foundations of living systems” section, 95 minutes are allowed time limit.
  • For the fourth section, “Psychological, social and biological foundations of behavior, there are 59 question and 95 minutes time limit.
  • Score range: For each section of MCAT test, the score range is 118 to 132 from total score range of all four sections i.e., 472 to 528.
  • Score validity: Score validity varies in different institutes that are usually 1 to 3 years.
  • Attempt Limitations: MCAT test can be attempted 3 times in one year, 4 times in a period of two years and 7 times within whole life.
  • Language: English.

How to Prepare for MCAT Test?

For writing MCAT test in excellent manner, following are some highly effective tips to prepare for MCAT test:

  • Take MCAT practice tests that covers all four sections of MCAT
  • Make a weekly study schedule
  • Purchase the study material that is officially provided by AAMC at its website for the guidance of students. This study material could be very helpful because it is prepared by the developers of MCAT test
  • Get help from fee MCAT preparatory material that is available at AAMC website. This free study material comprises 1,100 free videos and 3,000 review questions along with passage-based questions and content review
  • Don’t try to memorize every section. Make a conceptual study and try to clear the concepts about Critical analysis and reasoning skills
  • Every person is the best analyst of himself, so focus on your weak areas

Do’s and Don’ts about Writing a MCAT


  • Do practice at least 23 hours per week
  • Do combine study with friends
  • Review the contents of all four sections carefully
  • Take maximum possible practice tests
  • Only choose reputed study material
  • Carefully read all the MCAT essentials for test day
  • Choose professional service


  • Wasting the study time
  • Choosing the ordinary practice tests to save money
  • Overconfidence on your knowledge and skills
  • Ignoring the updates about MCAT at AAMC website
  • Choosing the professional help without reviewing its features and benefits

professional mcat writingWhy Choose Us to Help You with Your MCAT Waiver

Writing MCAT waiver letter needs the skills of professional writers, because everybody cannot convince the admission committee about waiving the MCAT test. A perfect MCAT waiver letter comprises logical reasons and inspirational way of writing that is the specialty of experienced writers only. We offer the winning MCAT test waiver letter thanks to our highly qualified and professional writers, who have vast experience of writing the variety of waiver letters such as VISA waiver letter, GRE waiver letter etc. Let’s see the benefits of choosing our services;

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