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Expert GPA Waiver Letter Writing Guide

What Is a GPA Waiver Letter?

A waiver or explanation of low GPA letter is used when you want the college or university you are applying to study at to ignore their requirements around the GPA. Many have very specific expectations for your GPA but if yours is not up to scratch then all is not lost. As long as you have a very good reason for having a low GPA or not wanting to submit it then you can write a waiver letter to request that they overlook the requirement. Of course, GPA refusal letter writing is not something that many will find easy. You have to be very careful with your letter explaining low GPA if it is to be accepted. If you write it incorrectly then you could simply be highlighting issues to the admissions officer and ensuring that they will not entertain your application. This is why you will often want to get help with your GPA waiver letter writing.

Our GPA letter writing help has been supporting students with their applications for many years. We offer you a full range of help with everything from writing a GPA refusal letter to a GMAT fee waiver letter. Our experts fully understand just what it takes to craft a persuasive and effective letter and with our professional advice and support, you can be sure of a high chance of success.

gpa waiver letter writing helpWhen Should You Do GPA Waiver Letter Writing?

If your GPA is really not what the admissions committee will be looking for then you will need an essay explaining low GPA. While you could include this information within your personal statement it is often best and more effective to make your request with a separate letter of explanation low GPA. You will, however, need to have a good reason for asking them to waive their requirements for your GPA. Typical reasons that will be accepted can be:

  • A significant time elapsing since your GPA and your current application
  • A death in the family
  • Serious illness or accident
  • Some form of disablement
  • Serious adversity

Writing the letter, however, is far from easy even if you do have a good reason for having low grades. Many applicants will write it in a way that will simply sound like they are making excuses. It needs to be written in a professional and persuasive manner if you are to get the right results.

gpa waiver letter writingGPA Waiver Letter Writing Checklist

As per the sample letter explaining low GPA, you need to follow a certain checklist to write it properly:

  • Write your name and contact detail on the letter’s top area.
  • Start with writing “Respected Admission Committee.”
  • Write about personal interest in the university and keep the first passage brief.
  • Write the reasons for an essay explaining low GPA i.e. death in family, illness.
  • Say thanks in the letter and end up the letter.

What Do Top Colleges Want in Your GPA?

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the average GPA is 3.0 and the achievements in the core courses is 2.79 while for other courses it is 3.14. But even if you are above average you will still need a lot of luck with your entrances exam and to getting into some of the most selective colleges. The following are the average GPAs of those accepted to some of the top colleges:

  • Stanford University – 3.95
  • Princeton University – 3.9
  • Harvard University – 4.1
  • MIT – 4.13
  • Brown University – 4.08
  • University of Pennsylvania – 3.93
  • Columbia University – 4.16
  • Yale University – 4.19
  • Pomona College – 4.06
  • University of Chicago – 4.29

How to Write Your Letter Explaining Low GPA

Crafting an effective letter is not easy and often you will need help if you want to make sure it is done well. The following tips, however, will help you with writing GPA refusal letter for your application:

  • Ensure that the college or the university will accept a waiver letter: check their website or even contact them directly to see if they will accept your request letter. If they will not entertain a waiver then there is little point in writing it.
  • Understand their requirements: some will require you to simply send a letter while some others may require you to complete an additional standard form to accompany your letter.
  • Use a formal business letter format for your letter: you want it to look professional. You do not want your letter to appear cluttered or hard to read.
  • Take a look at our low GPA explanation letter sample: this can provide you with a lot of guidance as to how you should be writing your letter. However, always remember that your personal reasons for requiring a waiver are unique so never try to simply copy any example that you read.
  • Begin the letter with “Dear Admissions Committee.”
  • Your opening paragraph needs to clearly state the purpose of the letter and that it is to waive their requirements for GPA.
  • Express your desire to attend their institution: give clear and precise reasons as to why you really want to attend their school. You want them to really be able to understand your desire to study with them and not elsewhere.
  • Provide your reasons for requesting your waiver or explanation for a low GPA. Ensure that you do have a valid reason rather than simply not working hard enough.
  • If you have overcome the issues that have caused the low GPA, ensure that you fully explain this and highlight that you will not have any issues with working to their required standard.
  • Close by thanking the committee for their time and for considering your request.

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professional essay explaining low gpaWhy Work with Our GPA Writing Service?

Whether writing GPA rejection letter or a GRE or MCAT test writing our professional writers can help you. They know precisely what is expected in your explanation of denied GPA letter and can craft your letter in a way that will get results. Our experts work directly with you to review your personal case and will always deliver an excellent and perfectly tailored letter for your waiver.

With our professional services you will benefit from:

  • Postgraduate degree qualified writers with many years of application waiver letter writing.
  • Unique letters that are carefully targeted to your specific issues and supplied with a plagiarism report.
  • Fully confidential help that is supplied at a price that you will be hard pressed to beat anywhere else.
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Make your GPA waiver letter writing effective by working with our highly professional and affordable team of experts today!

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