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Expert VISA Waiver Letter Writing

Why Might You Need to Do VISA Waiver Letter Writing?

If you have received a VISA denial letter or want to get around the 2 years stay at home rule on your J1, F1 VISA then you may need help with VISA waiver letter writing. As a student one of the requirements of your VISA is that you are required to stay in your home country for a period of two years once your VISA has expired. This can be a huge issue if you want to work as a resident in the US or to work in a research role as you will have to first go home for 2 years. However, it is possible to overturn this requirement by writing a VISA waiver letter which will allow you to gain an alternative VISA without having to return to your home country. However, understanding the rules that may apply to you and how to write an effective letter is not something that many will find easy.

Our waiver letter and VISA rejection letter help can offer you all of the support that you need to ensure that you will get the result that you are looking for. Our experts have many years of experience in helping students and other visitors with their VISAs and we are confident that our advice will help you.

visa waiver letter helpTypes of Student VISAs

There are two main types of VISAs that most students can apply for if they wish to study in the US. The following are the categories and the differences between them:

  • F-1 VISA: this form of VISA is where the student will be funded fully through their own or family funds. You will need to show clear proof of those funds to be able to get your VISA granted.
  • J-1 VISA: this form of VISA is for those that have more than 50% of their funding through some form of sponsorship or scholarship. Again you will still have to show clearly where your funds to support you are coming from.

Who Should Write a VISA Waiver Letter

People that have entered the US through the VISA waiver program using ESTA do not have a requirement to return to their home country for 2 years at the expiration of their VISA. Students however who are using a J1, F1 VISA may have the clause written into their VISA. This means that they cannot simply apply for a green card at the end of their studies or swap to any other VISA type without first going home for two years.

A VISA waiver request letter, however, can get this requirement removed under some very specific cases. The following are the cases in which you will be able to submit a letter VISA waiver:

  • A request from a US government agency: if you are working on a project that is vital to a government agency then they are able to support you with your waiver letter writing and to not return home for 2 years.
  • Request by the Department of Health: as a foreign medical graduate if you have an offer of employment that you will take up within 90 days and will consent to remain in that employment for 3 years then you will be granted your waiver.
  • Hardship to your spouse of a child if they are US residents: if you are married and have a child then this may also be used as a basis for waiving the 2-year requirement. However, you do need to show more than just emotional distress to demonstrate true hardship.
  • Persecution in your home country: you must be able to clearly show that you “will” face persecution for some reason should you return home.
  • No objection through your home government: a “no objection” letter of support from your home country “may” be able to help you to gain a waiver.

visa waiver letter sample

How to Write Your Letter VISA Waiver

A VISA letter of waiver does not have to be difficult if you take your time with your writing and look at the specific requirements:

  • Take a look at our sample letter for VISA waiver writing and use it to get a good idea as to what is expected of you. Do not, however, copy anything as your letter should be unique to you.
  • Use a formal business letter format for your letter. Do not add any additional formatting or use fancy scripts. Stick to an easy to read 12pt font for your letter.
  • Ensure that your introduction clearly states your name, current VISA and passport information, and address within the US.
  • State the reason for your letter to show clearly that you are seeking a VISA waiver.
  • In the main body of your letter give the reasons why your waiver should be granted. Ensure that you choose one of the admissible reasons listed above.
  • Your conclusion should thank them for their time and consideration of your request.
  • Attach all supporting documents that may be required to your letter to ensure that you give the required evidence that they will be seeking.

Writing an Appeal Letter for VISA Refusal

If you have received a VISA rejection letter then you will need help with writing letter to help get VISA appeal approved. A VISA refusing letter will usually detail out the reasons for the rejection. This gives you the opportunity to provide them with additional evidence and information to get them to overturn their rejection.

The following advice should be followed with writing your appeal letter for a refusal:

  • Take a look at our VISA refusal letter sample or any waiver letter sample to get guidance as to what is expected in your letter. Remember that your situation and circumstances are unique to you so you cannot simply copy any examples you find.
  • Use a formal business letter format and do not add any additional formatting.
  • In the introduction clearly include all of your personal details including the date of the rejection of your VISA. Also clearly state that you are appealing their decision.
  • In the main body clearly state why you feel that their decision is wrong and detail any additional information that may be required to support your statement. This could be sources of funds, clearer travel itinerary, details of where you will stay, etc. Ensure that you attach supporting documents to the letter as evidence of what you have told them.
  • In your conclusion briefly summarize why the appeal should be granted and thank them for their consideration.

letter visa waiver helpUse Our Professional Support with Your Waiver Letters

Whether you need help with a GPA waiver letter writing or help writing VISA refusal letter appeals our specialists can provide you confidential and highly effective help. Our consultants fully understand the processes for applying for waivers and appealing poor decisions and can ensure that your letters are effectively written. All of our support is highly targeted and will reflect your particular situation in the best light.

Ensure that your VISA waiver letter is written in a highly persuasive manner so that you can get the approvals that you require!

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